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Safe, Clean, Microbe-free Dental Office

"Dear Dr. Malik,
Thank you so very much for your wonderful care. I never thought I would ever see a dentist again, and then I discovered the relaxing option of sedation… Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"
- R. Imai,

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Invisalign® Preferred Provider:

Invisalign Preferred Provider

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Want to feel this good when you go to your dentist? Do you hate going? We can help you!Offering a wide range of dentistry services, Pleasant Hill Dental Group is located at 1894 Contra Costa Boulevard in Pleasant Hill, CA. Dr. Rahul Malik has over 10 years of experience and leads a highly skilled team of dental healthcare professionals that are dedicated to do what's best for patients. The team makes sure patients are comfortable, safe and treated with respect. Most importantly, Pleasant Hill Dental gets high marks for patient safety by earning an “Excellence in Safety and Infection Control” designation by a leading independent Dental Compliance and Safety consultant*. As an “Exceptional Dental Office”, your dentist visit is assured to be virtually pain-free, microbe-free, comfortable, relaxing and safe.

Services Offered

General & Preventative Care Dentistry
Sedation and Sleep Dentistry
Laser Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry
Invisalign® (Clear Braces)
Root Canals
Dental Implants
Implant-Supported Dentures
Wisdom Teeth Extractions
Emergency Dentistry
Second Opinion Dentistry
Sensitive Teeth Dentistry
Hygiene and Periodontal Disease Dentistry
Migraine, Jaw Pain and Headache Prevention Dentistry
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Did you know?

Infection control is an essential part of dentistry. Patients can be at risk due to potential contamination of bloodborne pathogens (BBP) between the lab and office. Pleasant Hill Dental Group adheres to OSHA BBP Compliance and Patience Safety Standards.
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The use of sedation allows you to have dental work that would normally require 5-10 office visits. Not only that, most patients have no memory of their procedures being done.
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The Freedom To Smile

The Freedom to Smile

Don't hide your smile behind your hand. Learn more about how you can enjoy a new, beautiful smile! - more -

Don't Worry About Your First Visit

You don't worry about your first visit!

We are very understanding about the fears associated with dentistry. We really care about your well-being. - more -

Our Mission

Our Mission

"Our Mission is to Successfully Treat Fearful Patients Using Sedation" - more -

Pleasant Hill Dental Group
"Serving Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, Concord and Contra Costa County California for over 30 years"

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