Best Ways to Find a Dentist Near Me in 2020

When it comes to finding a high-quality dentist who legitimately earns his or her keep, most patients are unsure where to start. Whether you are searching for a dentist to clean your teeth, restore a compromised tooth or improve your smile aesthetic, our dentist will meet your nuanced needs and desires. However, we are well aware of the fact that most people are unwilling to take a dentist’s word at face value. Give us the opportunity to improve your oral health/beauty and you will be more than happy with the results. Below, we provide some helpful information for those looking for a new dentist in 2020.

Finding a new Dentist: Do not Stop Searching Until You Find a True Dental Home

Dental care involves much more than cleaning teeth and the occasional restoration. Your dentist should treat you as a human beings as opposed to a number or a cog in the machine whose sole purpose is to help the practice make money. In other words, you need and deserve a true dental home. Sweat the small stuff when reviewing prospective dentists. It will certainly help to visit the practice in-person to meet the staff, take a look at the office and get a general idea of what it is like to be a patient at the practice. Even if you merely introduce yourself to the support staff and take a quick tour of the dental office, this brief experience will help you get a feel for whether the practice might be a true “dental home” across posterity.

Find your dental home and you will not hesitate to schedule appointments for regular cleanings, x-rays, fluoride treatments, restorations, procedure, etc. Furthermore, if a dental emergency arises, you will know you are in good hands as the dentist will treat you like a family member as opposed to an opportunity to make money.

Go Beyond a Basic Google Search

It is awfully tempting to search Google for “dentists near me” and contact the first practice that shows up in the results. There is no guarantee the dental practices that appear in the first page or two of Google search results will be worth your hard-earned money. Consider whether the practice is easy to reach from your job, house or apartment. Even the practice’s office hours matter as some dentists refuse to work after 5 PM on weekdays. Furthermore, the dentist you have in mind might not be in your dental insurer’s network. Resist the temptation to take the shortcut of relying on the Google search engine results “above the fold” (meaning the top half of the page) and you will stand that much better of a chance of finding the best dentist near you in the new year.

Ask Fellow Locals About Their Experiences at Dental Practices

When in doubt, put your faith in those whom you trust the most. Ask your family members, friends, colleagues and others in your area which dental practice they visit. Pose this question to all the trusted members in your social and political circles and you will likely find at least one person goes to Pleasant Hill Dental for 6-month treatments as well as cosmetic dentistry and dental procedures. Dig deeper into the responses, find out why your friends and family like their specific dentist and you will have a better idea as to whether those favored practices are optimal for your unique oral healthcare needs and desires.

If you are introverted, do not have a large family/social circle or have recently moved to the area, ask trusted professionals in town where they go for dental care. Everyone from your pharmacist to your physician and even members of your church congregation will provide some helpful feedback pertaining to local dentists. When in doubt, give the edge to the dentist that performs a wide array of treatments and procedures. After all, you will likely have numerous dental challenges down the line so it makes sense to form a relationship with a dentist capable of administering numerous treatments, procedures, etc.

Consider Local Dentists’ Payment Options (Or Lack Thereof)

It was not long ago when the majority of Americans had dental insurance and health insurance. My, how times have changed. Nowadays, it seems like half the population lacks dental insurance of any sort. If you do not have insurance, paying for a major dental procedure might prove quite expensive. Inquire with local dentists whether they have financing plans available. Though plenty of dental practices require upfront payment, you might be able to make a down payment and pay off the remainder of the balance with a payment plan suited to your unique procedure/treatment.

If the dentist you have in mind is highly recommended by those in your social or professional circles yet is out of your network, do not cross him or her off your list. Reach out to the practice to see if they will submit claims to your insurance provider. The majority of dental practices are willing to submit claims to all dental insurance providers so do not immediately rule out a prospective practice simply because they are not listed in your employer’s insurer’s network of dentists.

Furthermore, when inquiring about pricing, ask if the estimate provided upfront is indicative of the final bill. Sadly, some dental practices provide low-ball initial quotes only to escalate the price due to alleged unforeseen complications, a hike in the cost of dental materials, etc. If the practice is not completely transparent in terms of pricing, move on to the next candidate.

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