The Advantages of Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns are favored by dentists far and wide for several reasons. These crowns provide myriad functional and cosmetic benefits. Below, we explain these advantages in-depth to help patients understand the merits of porcelain crowns.

Porcelain Crowns Will Look Fantastic in Your Mouth

Though metal restorations, as well as porcelain-fused-to-metal restorations, can enhance dental function, porcelain restorations provide the most impressive visual results. Meet with the dentist and you will find dental porcelain is available in a number of different shades. We will carefully match the porcelain material to your smile’s natural aesthetic.

Regular porcelain is generally regarded as superior as the porcelain-fused-to-metal variety has the potential to show through, giving the teeth a grey hue. This is a stark contrast to solid porcelain that does not change color, providing an aesthetic that looks fantastic for upwards of several decades.

Porcelain Crowns’ Functional Benefits

All-porcelain dental restorations also provide extensive functional advantages. Though you are likely primarily concerned with how porcelain crowns look in your mouth, crowns are more important for chewing through food and protecting the interior of your tooth. Porcelain crowns restore damaged teeth, allowing you to chomp through food and enjoy improved oral health across posterity.

The mere fact that the dentist does not have to remove a considerable portion of the tooth structure to place the crown is an advantage in and of itself. There is no need to eliminate perfectly healthy portions of the tooth. Add in the fact that metal restorations have the potential to wear adjacent teeth and it is easy to understand why complete porcelain crowns are favored. Finally, crowns made of porcelain are not as abrasive as other crowns, preserving the functionality and strength of healthy teeth.

Porcelain Crowns are Affordable

Porcelain crowns provide better value than other crown materials. Silver and gold crowns are fairly expensive in comparison. Furthermore, a crown made of gold or silver is nowhere near as aesthetically pleasing as the porcelain variety. It must be noted composite resin is a bit cheaper than the porcelain variety yet it won’t last as long. Furthermore, composite resin crowns will likely require frequent restorations that cost even more money.

Porcelain Crowns are Biocompatible and Completely Safe

Porcelain is perfectly safe. This material is compatible with your mouth as well as the rest of your body. Though it is possible for some to experience an allergic reaction to metal crowns, porcelain does not pose any such threat. The bottom line is the potential complications stemming from a porcelain crown are nearly non-existent. The only potential risks are slight sensitivity immediately following the addition of the porcelain crown, the potential to endure a chipped crown and very slight tooth discomfort.

Superior Durability

Porcelain crowns have the potential to last a full decade or even several decades. The length of time this crown lasts hinges on the patient’s oral health and dental care habits. If you clean your teeth with regularity and have good overall oral health, there is even the potential for your crowns to last an entire lifetime without requiring a replacement.

The Perfect Fit

Porcelain crowns fit better than the metal variety. Ask anyone who has a metal crown and a porcelain crown in their mouth about each and you will find the metal crowns are comparably heavy and large. Let the dentist add a porcelain crown to restore your damaged tooth and you will rave about how light it is.

Enhanced Strength and Health

Porcelain crowns1 are incredibly strong. As a material, porcelain is almost as formidable as natural tooth enamel, bolstering tooth strength. Porcelain really will strengthen a tooth that has gradually weakened due to damage. This material stands up to tooth wear and tear without flaw.

You can Care for Porcelain Crowns Just Like Your Regular Teeth

Some patients fear having their decayed or damaged teeth restored with porcelain crowns will create problems in the form of additional maintenance. The truth is there is no need to go out of your way to clean your teeth in any special way after porcelain crowns are added. You can continue brushing, flossing and caring for your teeth as you normally would without making a single change. Just be sure to meet with your dentist twice per year for a comprehensive oral health exam and cleaning.

Ample Protection

Your porcelain crown will fully encircle the tooth in question. This encircling protects the tooth on every side, forming a barrier between the inner portion and harmful bacteria. Porcelain crowns ultimately protect the tooth from infection and decay.

Porcelain Crowns Preserve Your Tooth

Porcelain crowns really can prevent tooth regression to the point that tooth loss occurs. You will be able to retain your natural tooth and safeguard the all-important protective enamel on the exterior.

Improved Oral Functionality

Teeth that are decayed or damaged are likely to create considerable discomfort, making it challenging to chew and even speak properly. If you neglect your damaged or decayed tooth, it will gradually weaken to the point that your mouth structure is put at risk. If your mouth structure is compromised, oral functions will prove that much more difficult. Opt for a porcelain crown to restore the structure and strength of the tooth and you will improve or at least maintain your oral functionality.

Porcelain Crowns are Stain Resistant

Porcelain is also favored by dentists and patients across the globe as it is highly resistant to stains. Once your porcelain crown is in place, you can go ahead and enjoy your favorite beverages and foods without concern over staining.

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