The Benefits of Dental Bonding

Dental bonding has emerged as a highly effective means of repairing compromised teeth. Dental bonding can be used for all sorts of dental repairs. Have your teeth tended to by a savvy and skilled dentist and you will find dental bonding produces truly amazing results. Here is a look at the many merits of dental bonding as well as the procedure itself.

An Explanation of Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a type of cosmetic dentistry1 that conceals or repairs unsightly smile flaws. If you are unhappy with the look of your teeth, meet with a dentist who has experience applying dental bonding. Cosmetic dentists have a number of options available to enhance smile aesthetics. Your dentist will help you determine if dental bonding is the optimal means of repairing your teeth. The dentist will assess your smile and determine if dental bonding or another treatment plan is optimal.

Dental bonding is applied directly on the tooth enamel. The dentist preps the tooth surface by lightly etching the layer of enamel along the exterior. This is performed with a roughing gel. The tooth is then coated with a conditioning treatment that guarantees the bonding material adheres to the tooth. The best part is dental bonding can beautify your teeth to the perfect shade for your unique mouth.

Visit with the dentist to determine which resin shade is optimal for your idiosyncratic smile. The dentist will apply the composite resin and mold it into shape. As soon as the molding dries and hardens following the use of an ultraviolet light, the dentist will polish and buff it to create a lovely, natural-looking shine.

Dental Bonding Eliminates Those Ugly and Pesky Tooth Stains

Certain tooth stains cannot be eliminated with standard teeth whitening. Teeth whitening certainly eliminates the stains along the surface of the teeth yet those deeply ingrained stains that extend below the surface are much more challenging. Dental bonding’s composite resin conceals discoloration created by problems within the tooth. Let the dentist apply dental bonding to those annoying stains teeth whitening fails to remove and you just might end up with a gloriously white smile completely void of all stains.

Do not be Nervous About Dental Bonding! It is Completely Safe

The average patient is nervous about visiting with the dentist for any type of treatment, be it a cavity filling, root canal therapy or dental bonding. There is no reason to fear dental bonding. This procedure’s improvements are made with completely safe composite resin that looks just like natural teeth. Composite resin’s aesthetic combined with its ability to adhere to the teeth makes it that much more effective for cosmetic treatments as well as restorative treatments. The bonding material bonds right onto the teeth, forming a seal that prevents bacteria from moving back to the teeth and creating an infection along the location of the filling.

Dental Bonding can be Performed in a Single Office Visit

Those seeking cosmetic dental improvements often assume any sort of professional treatment will chew up a considerable portion of their free time. Dental bonding requires merely one appointment. Some patients who opt for dental bonding will require a follow-up visit yet the vast majority enjoy final results following the initial appointment.

Dental Bonding is More Affordable Than Most Patients Assume

Do not assume dental bonding is out of your price range. Even if you do not have dental insurance, there is a good chance you can still afford dental bonding. This is a cost-effective means of correcting undesired smile imperfections. Though there are certainly a couple other less expensive cosmetic dentistry treatment options, they might not be ideal for your unique mouth. Meet with the dentist to determine the best approach to beautify your decaying or aesthetically flawed teeth.

The Dental Bonding Process is Surprisingly Easy and Fast

Anesthesia is rarely necessary when dental bonding is performed. There is no need to apply anesthesia unless bonding is required to fill a tooth that has decayed. This is quite the contrast to other dental procedures that require considerable anesthesia and enamel removal. Furthermore, there is no need for elaborate orthodontic procedures. Nor is there any need for assistance from the technicians in a dental lab. Dental bonding closes the gaps between your teeth and straightens wayward teeth in as little as half an hour.

A Lovely Smile and Improved Self-confidence

Once the dentist applies dental bonding to your compromised teeth, you will feel as though you have a brand new smile. A beautiful smile or at least a smile that is not marred by decayed teeth or at least void of cracked chipped or stained teeth. Dental bonding can remedy each of these flaws to create a smile that looks absolutely amazing. The bonding materials really do look just like regular untreated teeth. The teeth treated with dental bonding will blend in perfectly with the rest of your mouth thanks to the many whitening shades available. Dental bonding will not change its hue so there is no need to have these teeth treated with in-office or at-home DIY teeth whitening methods.

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