The Benefits of Dental Implants

You deserve a full set of teeth, even if they are artificial teeth in the form of dental implants. If you have a missing tooth, several missing teeth or badly-damaged teeth, do not wait one day longer to resolve this problem. Meet with our dentist to determine if you can benefit from dental implants. Once your dental implants are in place, you will feel as though your mouth is back to normal in terms of look as well as feel. Let’s take a closer look at the merits of dental implants.

Better Periodontal Health

If you have one or several teeth that have fallen out or need to be extracted, you run the risk of excessive bacteria accumulating in the open space. This bacteria must be treated or a harsh form of gum disease will develop. The best approach is to replace those missing teeth with dental implants. Once your dental implants are in place, bacteria won’t have the chance to proliferate to the point that it leads to gum disease. You will be able to brush and floss your teeth and gums as usual even though your dental implants have taken the place of your regular teeth.

Protection Against Jawbone Degradation

The jawbone below the teeth starts to deteriorate as soon as tooth loss begins. The underlying jawbone needs continuous stimulation from the roots of the teeth when speaking and chewing occurs. Such stimulation communicates to the body that the jawbone requires nourishment. Once this stimulation ceases, the jawbone starts to slowly erode. Dental implants1 are the optimal restorative option to replace the tooth root and provide the jawbone with much-needed stimulation. In fact, dental implants even have the potential to put a stop to bone loss or even reverse the loss that has already occurred.

Protection Against Even More Damage

If your teeth are damaged, they are likely to continue to deteriorate and build up that much more bacteria. Bacteria that moves down into chips or cracks can worsen tooth decay, gradually weaken the tooth and even compromise neighboring tissue. You have the power to prevent this outcome. Let our dentist add dental implants in place of your damaged teeth and you will have a reliable foundation for improved oral health in the years to come.

Dental Implants do not Require Significant Tooth Alterations

There is no need to extensively file down or alter adjacent teeth to place dental implants. These implants are supported with titanium posts so the neighboring teeth are not compromised. Adjacent teeth will remain perfectly healthy and strong during and after the placement of dental implants.

Leaving natural teeth in position makes them that much stronger in the long run. This is quite the contrast to conventional tooth-supported bridges that typically require a grinding down of the teeth next to the missing tooth. Such grinding is necessary to cement the bridge onto them for improved stability. There is no sense bothering with grinding down perfectly healthy teeth and adding clasps that can damage gum tissue when dental implants are available.

Dental Implants Look Amazing

Dental implants are favored by dentists and patients far and wide as this approach allows for the preservation of essential bone. Dental implants ultimately prevent continued deterioration of facial structure, preserving the patient’s physical appearance. The alternative is to let the teeth continue to deteriorate to the point that the jawbone is not provided with sufficient stimulation and begins to dissolve.

If the jawbone loses its integrity, your facial structure will deteriorate to the point that you look much older than you actually are. Opt for dental implants and you won’t have to worry about facial structure collapse nor will you have to be concerned about looking older than you are. Dental implants are particularly important for missing or damaged teeth in the front of the mouth as they are highly visible when smiling. Once your dental implants are in place, you will look forward to smiling, laughing and talking in the presence of others.

Enhanced Quality of Life

Dental implants improve your smile as well as your life as a whole. You will enjoy improved mouth functionality, a lovely smile, and improved oral health once your dental implants are in place. You will be liberated to eat any type of food or beverage. There won’t be any need to bother with annoying adhesives as required with dentures. Nor will there be any worry of those pesky metal clasps used with partial dentures. You can treat your dental implants just like normal teeth and live life without constantly having to worry about dentures or another oral health device.

Dental Implants do not Cause Irritation

While removable dentures commonly irritate the gums, dental implants cause no such irritation. Dental implants are a painless solution to missing or damaged teeth. You won’t have any pain, irritation or other annoyances after your dental implants are in place.

Do not Underestimate the Convenience of Dental Implants

Dental implants are quite convenient compared to dentures. There is no need to bother with adhesives, an elaborate cleaning regimen, removing artificial teeth every night and the other work involved with dentures. You can clean your dental implants just like your regular teeth when flossing and brushing in the mornings and evenings.

Dental Implants Create a Truly Natural Mouth in Terms of Feel and Aesthetics

Dental implants are as close as it gets to natural teeth. Once the full tooth, including its root, is replaced, you really will feel as though your smile is back to normal. Your teeth will look natural to the point that no one will have any idea you are using dental implants. In fact, you will eventually forget your dental implants are in your mouth. You will not find a more natural tooth replacement solution than dental implants.

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