The Importance of Having an Emergency Dentist

Imagine getting into an accident, fight or another incident that knocks out a tooth or causes another dental emergency. If you are in extreme pain and cannot wait to meet with a regular dentist for a traditional appointment scheduled in advance, you need an emergency dentist on your side. If you are in considerable pain, are unsure of what to do with a broken tooth or have another oral health emergency, a prompt appointment with an emergency dentist will prove quite helpful.

Why Emergency Dentistry is so Important

If you are involved in an accident or suffer an injury when participating in sports or any other activity, the injuries might permanently impact your oral health. Fail to meet with an emergency dentist immediately after the accident and you run the risk of permanent tooth loss. Losing one or several teeth alters physical appearance as well as your ability to brush and floss your teeth. The better approach is to reach out to your emergency dentist right away for immediate treatment. This prompt treatment has the potential to prevent problems across the long-term that will prove quite costly and annoying.

Emergency Dentistry is for Tooth Loss and More

Most people assume the only time the assistance of an emergency dentist is necessary is when there is the threat of tooth loss. There are numerous other situations in which contacting the dentist for emergency assistance is justified. In certain cases, damaged dental work should prompt a visit with an emergency dentist. As an example, if dental braces are damaged or if a crown breaks, visiting with the emergency dentist just might prevent a series of additional dental problems in the ensuing months and years. The emergency dentist will repair or replace the damaged dental work, minimize your pain and set the stage for dental comfort in the years to come.

For the most part, those who seek emergency dental treatment are worried about tooth loss. There is a good reason for this concern as injuries that impact the mouth can cause lasting tooth loss. A lost tooth has the potential to transform an otherwise beautiful smile into one that proves distracting. A missing tooth will impact your smile as well as your confidence.

Meet With an Emergency Dentist Instead of Going to the Emergency Room

People who have extreme tooth and/or gum pain often make the mistake of heading to the emergency room at the nearest hospital. Though going to the hospital seems logical, emergency room personnel do not have the skills, experience or specialized tools necessary to provide emergency dental care. Alternatively, emergency dentists are prepared for dental emergencies of all types. These professionals have an array of highly specialized dental instruments that will alleviate your pain and get your mouth back to normal.

How to Determine What Qualifies as a Legitimate Dental Emergency

Patients often struggle with determining whether they should wait for their regular dentist to be available or if they should contact an emergency dentist right away. Hopefully, you never find yourself in this situation as the best dentists are willing to see patients who have dental emergencies in a reasonable amount of time. Tooth or gum soreness does not qualify as a dental emergency. However, extreme tooth or gum pain should prompt a phone call to the emergency dentist’s office. Considerable tooth damage, a fully or partially knocked-out tooth, losing a filling or crown are considered dental emergencies. Even bleeding in the mouth or an injury to the tongue, lips or cheeks qualify as dental emergencies.

When in doubt, err on the side of caution by reaching out to your emergency dentist for immediate assistance. Prompt treatment has the potential to prevent harsh pain, preserve one or several teeth and make your life that much easier. In the end, if your mouth hurts with any significance, you should not hesitate to reach out to the emergency dentist for assistance. Even minor injuries might seem like they are not a threat to oral health yet they have the potential to impact tissues surrounding the tooth. It is better to have these dental problems tended to right away to minimize the chances of the pain spreading and creating that many more problems down the line.

The Emergency Dentist Will Mend Your Cracked or Chipped Tooth

Cracked and chipped teeth are typically repaired with composite resin that matches the color of the teeth. This resin is bonded to the damaged portion of the teeth for added strength. The resin also provides additional underlying structure so the teeth remain firmly in place for years to come. So be sure to meet with your emergency dentist after your tooth cracks or chips. The dentist will mend a tooth that is even slightly cracked as even the smallest crack can cause bacteria to move inside and transmit disease.

How to Proceed if You Have a Dental Emergency

If you have a toothache, broken tooth, bleeding in the mouth or a similar dental emergency, you have a legitimate dental emergency. Call or visit with your emergency dentist prior to trying any sort of DIY approach in which you apply something to the tooth to mitigate the pain. It is possible you have a serious underlying oral health issue such as a dental abscess or considerable tooth decay that you will not know about unless you meet with an emergency dentist as soon as possible.

If you have a tooth that has been knocked out, try to locate it and preserve it by placing it in a glass of milk. Bring the tooth with you when visiting the emergency dentist. Time is of the essence. Obtain assistance as soon as possible so the emergency dentist can do his or her best to save the tooth, reduce your pain to a tolerable level and help return your mouth to normal.

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