Top Things to Look for in a Cosmetic Dentist in 2020

When it comes to dentistry, no two dentists are equal. In particular, the merit of cosmetic dentists has the potential to differ quite widely from one dentist to another. However, pinpointing the perfect cosmetic dentist for your unique needs is much more challenging than searching the internet for local cosmetic dentists and checking out their reviews on the web. Let’s take a look at the top things to look for when choosing between cosmetic dentists.

Sweat the Small Stuff: Consider the Quality of Materials

Do not make the common mistake of selecting the cosmetic dentist with the lowest rates. Sadly, some cosmetic dentists keep their rates down by using materials of low quality. The last thing you need is a cosmetic dentistry improvement that looks great for a few weeks or months only to prematurely fall apart or suffer an aesthetic decline. You deserve top-quality materials from a properly trained Cosmetic Dentist. So do not assume those low costs quoted by a dentist will stand the test of time. The only reason why some dentists provide cosmetic dentistry solutions at such a low cost is because the materials used to enhance your smile are of particularly low quality.

The Proper Cosmetic Accreditation

The person who makes cosmetic dentistry veneers, crowns, etc. should have the proper accreditation. This individual is referred to as the dental ceramist. He or she should have accreditation provided by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). If proper accreditation is not obtained, the materials used to improve your smile aesthetic simply cannot be trusted. However, mere membership in the AACD will not suffice. The dentist must be properly accredited.

The AACD accreditation process is recognized as thorough and advanced by dental health experts across the globe. It takes at least five years to complete AACD accreditation. This process includes a thorough oral examination, a peer review of nearly half a dozen cosmetic dentistry cases, mandatory seminar attendance and the passing of a complex written exam. If the dentist you have in mind has successfully completed this accreditation, he or she is worthy of your business.

Dig Deeper Into the Ads

Plenty of cosmetic dentists use stock photos as opposed to photos of actual patients’ teeth and gums when advertising their services. Do not assume the images you see on the dentist’s website or other advertising materials are pictures of real patients’ mouths. It is quite possible the images shown to prospective patients are purchased photos featuring the mouths of models.

Do not put any faith in the merit of the dentist unless the photos he or she uses are from real patients who recently had a smile makeover performed at the office. Red flags should be raised if patient names are not provided next to the image. If patient names are not used, the dentist should at least add a statement to the effect of “This image is from an actual patient” or something similar. When in doubt, ask the dentist whether the photos used in advertisements or on the website are real or stock photos.

Results That Improve Dental Function and Form

Everyone enjoys looking at a beautiful smile. However, if the smile is aesthetically pleasing but does not provide the proper functionality, it is not worth the money. Your cosmetic dentist should provide a smile that looks amazing and also proves functional as well as comfortable. Sadly, some patients who spend their hard-earned money for cosmetic dentistry end up with headaches and/or an uncomfortable bite. The bottom line is some cosmetic dentists are not particularly skilled at providing dental treatments that also promote oral functionality. Even a minor imperfection in a smile alignment will lead to damage in due time.

The moral of the story is it is better to spend a little more money for a cosmetic dentist who provides smile enhancements that bolster comfort and functionality rather than pay less for the services of a dentist exclusively focused on aesthetics. The best dentists do not stop perfecting their craft. As an example, our dentist has all the proper occlusal training necessary to provide patients with functional teeth/gum improvements that prove comfortable as well as beautiful. However, some dentists are unwilling to continue learning and subsequently provide cosmetic dentistry services that are essentially stuck in time.

Check out the Patient Testimonials

Patient reviews are of the utmost importance. If you identify negative trends in patient reviews of a cosmetic dentist you have in mind, it is a sign that dentist is not working to perfect his or her craft. This is not to say you have to invest hours reading every single word of all the reviews posted on the web about the cosmetic dentists you are considering. Rather, you should at least scan these reviews to identify common themes that are either positive or negative.

Go as far as checking out the dentist’s social media site to find out as much as possible about the dentist you are considering. However, some patients refuse to believe online reviews simply because they are written by anonymous individuals or those who might have a potential conflict of interest. When in doubt, ask your friends, family, colleagues, classmates and others in the community about the quality of their cosmetic dentist.

Visit the Practice

When in doubt, visit the practice to get a feel as to whether you will be comfortable in the environment. Have a discussion with the office staff, check out the cleanliness of the practice, introduce yourself to the dentist and you will have a good idea as to whether the cosmetic dentist is worthy of your business.

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