What are Invisalign Clear Aligners?

There is a common misconception smile flaws cannot be corrected. Some people errantly assume corrective dental devices such as Invisalign clear aligners are egregiously expensive. Though Invisalign certainly costs money, it is worth every single penny. These corrective aligners beautify the smiles of adults, teens, and tweens. Ask anyone who has tried Invisalign about the quality and effectiveness of these unique oral health and beautification devices and you will find they work to perfection. The best part is Invisalign clear aligners are invisible and take less time than braces to produce the intended results.

An Explanation of Invisalign Clear Aligners in Plain English

Invisalign aligners1 are a highly-effective alternative to metal braces of yesteryear. Made of polyurethane plastic, Invisalign translucent aligners can be removed with ease at meals, social outings and during teeth-cleaning sessions. However, most patients leave their Invisalign aligners in place even when at work, school and other social gatherings as these devices are nearly impossible to detect with the naked eye. Unlike unsightly metal braces, Invisalign resembles natural teeth. There is no need to bond or cement Invisalign aligners to the teeth. Patients are liberated to remove these aligners as desired yet they are advised to adhere to the dentist’s recommendations to ensure Invisalign makes the optimal impact on oral health and beauty.

Why Invisalign has Become so Popular

Invisalign clear aligners are favored by dentists and patients alike for reasons beyond their aesthetic beauty. Dr. Webster, from Webster Orthodontics in Las Vegas, said this about how Invisalign works, “The Invisalign system gently moves your teeth through a series of carefully regulated and timed movements, so only certain teeth move, little by little, with each aligner.”

These translucent aligners do not force patients to return to the dentist’s office for frequent adjustments. Nor is there any need to remove Invisalign aligners to chew through sticky or crunchy foods. The exact opposite is true of traditional braces that mandate an array of diet modifications. Opt for Invisalign and you will be able to bite directly into whatever food you desire without a second thought.

Invisalign aligners are made of a thin and comfortable material that does not irritate the soft tissue within the mouth. The same cannot be said of conventional braces’ obtrusive and annoying metal wires. Those who tend to clench or grind their teeth overwhelmingly favor Invisalign aligners as they serve as an unnoticeable barrier that safeguards the teeth throughout the entirety of the night against excessive wear.

The Magic of Invisalign

These translucent aligners function in a manner similar to braces yet without the seemingly endless flaws brace-wearers complain of. Invisalign applies forces to crooked or improperly-spaced teeth in a measured manner. This slight force gradually shifts the teeth into the optimal positions in the mouth. Invisalign is comprised of a clear material that creates the impression that the teeth in question are uncovered.

Ask those who use Invisalign about whether onlookers can tell whether they are wearing aligners and you will find every single one of them reports no one notices these oral health and beautification aids. As time progresses, the problem teeth move into the intended alignment to create a healthy and beautiful smile. This movement is broken down into distinct stages, each with its own unique set of aligners. As long as you insert these specialized aligners at the appropriate points in time, your smile will gradually improve.

Smile Beautification Without an Extensive Wait

The length of time necessary for Invisalign clear aligners to beautify your teeth ultimately hinges on your unique oral health challenges as well as your willingness to follow the dentist’s directions. The majority of adult teeth can be corrected in a year or less. Teens who require Invisalign might find it takes slightly more than a year to correct their crooked or improperly spaced teeth. The bottom line is patients who faithfully adhere to their unique Invisalign treatment plan as detailed by the dentist will enjoy results in an efficient manner. Keep these comfy aligners in your mouth for 20 to 22 hours a day and your smile flaws are almost certain to be corrected in a year’s time.

Invisalign is Getting Better and Better

Invisalign continues to improve as time progresses. As an example, several features have been added to these translucent aligners in recent years to facilitate the straightening and proper spacing of teeth. Eruption tabs have been implemented to ensure the optimal amount of space is available for teens’ molar teeth to emerge without impediment. This dental technology also has compliance indicators within the aligner material that eventually fades with use. The purpose of compliance indicators is to ensure the patient is aware that the Invisalign trays are being worn in the intended manner.

Are You a Candidate for Invisalign?

Most people assume there is little that can be done to correct a flawed smile or other problems with the teeth. If you are even slightly dissatisfied with your smile, you can likely benefit from Invisalign or another dental restoration. From gapped teeth to crowded teeth, mild bite issues and beyond, Invisalign clear aligners remedy all sorts of oral health and beauty flaws. Whether you are saddled with a crossbite, open bite, underbite or overbite, there is a good chance Invisalign will remedy the underlying issue in a year’s time or less.

Invisalign has the Potential to Make Your Smile Look Completely Different

Do not underestimate the importance of your smile. If you are like most people, you smile or at least consider smiling when meeting face-to-face with others. Invisalign’s clear and removable aligners are custom-tailored to your unique teeth. As long as you replace your Invisalign aligners every two weeks, your “problem teeth” will gradually move into the ideal positions. The end result will be a lovely smile you are proud to put on display in all social settings from work to school, weddings, luncheons, parties and beyond.

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