Why Invisalign is Great for Adults

There is a common misconception that braces, Invisalign and other solutions for teeth-straightening are solely meant for kids and teens. The truth is Invisalign is optimal for adults as well as kids. Most adults prefer Invisalign to braces as Invisalign is translucent and works faster. In fact, Invisalign typically costs right around the same amount of money as braces. Let’s take a closer look at Invisalign’s benefits for adults who desire straight, well-spaced and beautiful teeth.

Invisalign Straightens Adult Teeth with Unparalleled Precision and Speed

The primary purpose of using Invisalign is to straighten teeth and close those pesky gaps between improperly spaced teeth. However, Invisalign does more than merely improve aesthetics. Whether you have an underbite, an overbite, spacing issues or crowding problems, Invisalign will correct it better than most other alleged solutions.

Invisalign gets better year-by-year. This dental technology will continue to evolve and rectify that many more oral health issues as time progresses. In fact, the latest version of Invisalign might be able to remedy dental problems beyond those listed above by the time you decide to add the aligner to your mouth. If you have any questions about whether Invisalign will improve your oral health condition, do not hesitate to discuss your unique dental challenges with an Invisalign dentist.

Invisalign: Minimal Commitment, Optimal Results

Few adults are willing to commit to wearing traditional braces for upwards of several years. Braces are incredibly unsightly and uncomfortable. No adult wants to open his or her mouth in a business meeting or when approaching a potential flame only to reveal ugly metal braces.

Alternatively, Invisalign typically works in about a year’s time or less. Though Invisalign retainers will be in your mouth for this period of time, you will not hesitate to show your teeth in public as Invisalign is completely translucent. Furthermore, there is no need to head back to the dentist’s office for constant monthly readjustments as is often required with braces.

Invisalign Will Help You Look Your Best

There is no shame in being image-conscious. In fact, image has never been more important for career success and success in romantic relationships. Though it is a bit sad to say, people are becoming more superficial day-by-day. Invisalign aligners will make life that much easier for patients concerned about their looks. These aligners are see-through plastic trays that fit nice and snug over the teeth, similar to a mouth guard.

Invisalign aligners cannot be seen by anyone as they are completely clear. Those who wear metal braces typically struggle to be confident and relaxed in social settings as they are concerned about the optics of their braces. Opt for Invisalign and you will be able to laugh out loud, have a lengthy discussion and eat in front of others without worrying about how your mouth looks.

The Convenience Factor

Invisalign aligners can be removed at any time. Though this might seem like a minor benefit to some people, it actually matters a great deal. Think of all those times in which patients who wear metal braces wish they could remove them for improved comfort and confidence. Furthermore, eating and drinking will prove that much more comfortable after Invisalign aligners are removed. The icing on the cake is that there is no need to spend an abundance of time at the dentist’s office as is necessary with traditional braces.

So don’t fall into temptation by opting for traditional braces simply because others have enjoyed success with them. Braces trap food right up against the teeth, making flossing, brushing arduous endeavors. Dentists far and wide testify those who use braces and fail to adhere to a dental cleaning routine typically end up with cavities as well as additional oral health problems. These problems could have been easily avoided with Invisalign.

Minimal Irritation

Invisalign is quite comfortable compared to traditional braces. Invisalign aligners are smooth to the point that there is no threat of cheek or gum irritation. If you are questioning whether Invisalign really is as comfortable as advertised, consider the fact that many Invisalign users report they forget they have these clear aligners in their mouth.

Invisalign Dentists Provide Patients With a Look Into the Future

Invisalign aligners are typically worn for a week or two at a time. Meet with your dentist to discuss Invisalign and you will know the exact number of aligners necessary to correct your crooked or poorly spaced teeth. The dentist will also let you know how much time is necessary for teeth-straightening.

Invisalign Allows for Teeth Whitening

Dentists across the globe advise against attempting to whiten the teeth while wearing braces. Opt for Invisalign and you will be able to whiten your teeth and use teeth-whitening toothpaste. Once your Invisalign aligner schedule wraps up and the teeth whitening solution has had time to produce results, you will have a set of gorgeous teeth that are straight, properly spaced and a lovely shade of white.

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