Root Canal Treatment

When the pain just won’t go away…

Root canal treatment saves the day.

If you’re feeling severe pain and sensitivity in (or near) one of your teeth, it might be infected.
If it is, a root canal treatment is your way of rescuing it. The treatment rids your tooth of the infection and the discomfort that comes with it, saving you – and your wallet – from the pain of a lost tooth.

How do I know if I need a root canal treatment?

Watch out for these 4 signs of infection:

  1. Stinging pain while biting or chewing
  2. Lingering sensitivity to hot and cold foods
  3. Tender or swollen gums
  4. Visible decay or darkening in your gums

Root Canal Treatment at Pleasant Hill Dental

Here’s what you can expect:


The first step is to assess your mouth with our high-precision 3D x-ray equipment, identify the problem area, then create a plan to treat it.


Following that, you’ll be given a local anesthetic and we’ll begin to prepare your tooth for the procedure. To help you feel more comfortable, you can also choose to take a sedative.


Next, we’ll proceed to cleaning. We’ll access the infected area by creating a small opening in the crown of your tooth, then gently and thoroughly clear out all the infected tissue.


With all the infected tissue cleaned out, your tooth will be filled and strengthened using a safe, biocompatible material then sealed using a temporary filling.


Lastly, for maximum protection, we’ll schedule a follow-up visit to fit your tooth with a crown. That way, your newly cleaned tooth will remain as strong and durable as it should be.

Why is Pleasant Hill Dental the right choice?

Simple – because you want maximum cleanliness with minimum discomfort.

With our industry-leading dental scanning equipment, we’re able to get a clearer picture of where infected tissue resides within your tooth. That clarity lets us be confident our root canal treatment clears out every bit of infected tissue and fully restores the health and function of your tooth.
Combined with Dr. Zhu’s exceptional sedation dentistry expertise, you get a root canal treatment that’s safe, comfortable, and – most importantly – effective.

Dr Zhu and his staff were wonderful. They got me in right away for a complex, emergency root canal that my current dentist was unable to perform. The price was very reasonable for the operation and the service was excellent. I'd highly recommend Dr. Zhu and Pleasant Hill Dental for any dental work.

Sebastian T.

Root Canal Treatment FAQs

Your root canal treatment will take about 90 minutes – around one hour for cleaning, and 30 minutes for placing and fitting your new crown.

The pulp of your tooth was most likely infected through a deep cavity or because of tooth damage – like a crack or fracture – that allowed bacteria to enter the tooth.

With local anesthetic and optional sedation, your root canal treatment will be pain-free and quite low on discomfort. There may be some sensitivity after the treatment, but it can be managed with pain relief medication and will gradually go away as you heal.

The American College of Radiology and American Dental Association have stated that the use of x-rays during dental procedures is entirely safe for pregnant women as long as it’s matched with proper shielding.

Here at Pleasant Hill Dental we always use proper shielding, and with our advanced equipment we’re able to take sharper x-ray images with less radiation than older units.

No, it isn’t true. There’s no reliable scientific evidence which suggests root canal treatment causes cancer or makes a person more likely to develop it. 

Stop the pain and save your smile.

If you think you need a root canal treatment, don’t wait.

The pain and discomfort won’t go away on their own, and the longer you delay, the more likely it is you’ll end up needing a costly tooth extraction and dental implant instead of a simple root canal treatment.
So make the smart choice and get that root canal treatment over with. It’ll save your tooth and your wallet, and let you get back to enjoying life with a strong, healthy, and pain-free smile.

Don’t push your oral health aside for another day.

If you’ve been putting off your next dental appointment because of how you’re expecting it to feel, request inhalation sedation! Call us today at (925) 692-2010 to schedule or…

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